A quick, poignant synopsis of this book –

“Veal: the rise of generation interactive” is a deft manifesto on the domestication of the young consumer into a well-cultivated piece of “veal” ready to be parceled off to greedy corporations as a permanent food source, while governments either ineptly, or corruptly, look the other way. Pat Aievoli’s “Veal” has a Chomsky-esque mix of cynicism (the system) and genuine optimism (parents and teachers nobly struggling to keep up), infused with an edgy Mike Ruppert-esque assertion of conspiracy and determination to have his “Voice from the Wilderness” …of Academia, heard.  He sees the confluence of events in the 1980’s- 2000s (technological advances, lifestyle trends in families, the rise of maladies such as ADD, ADHD, and autism, and market manipulations and crashes) lead to a new digital economy that was premeditated on a global scale to become overbearingly extractive, and an educational system that is less savvy than the students, to the point students have disengaged out of boredom. He sees that combination resulting in predatory “educational” corporations that come and go, razing and “re-teching” our instructional practices and institutions, as frequent and relentless plagues of locusts. He attempts to examine causality, as a means to a remedy, or, at least, awareness – the first step toward any solution. Chock full of pop-culture and contemporaneous references, interesting statistics, and quotes from humanity’s deep thinkers, this is a fascinating must-read for educators and administrators, as well as consumers, parents, and students.

Kristine O’Malley-Levy,
Former Board member of
Mensa of Greater New York,
and Educator


You did a wonderful job here! The analysis of the housing market collapse was terrific and the conclusion about hand held devices should be read by every parent…. You should send this to Michael Moore for his next movie.” –

Dr. Michael Soupios
Senior Professor, Political Science
Long Island University, Post Campus


“Patrick is concerned with the intellectual future of the media industry. His two recent books ask questions and suggest answers to some of the most pressing issues under discussion today. They are penetrating reads and should be required of anyone interested in the world of mass communication.”

Noel Zahler
Dean of the Texas Tech University
College of Visual and Performing Arts


“Investigation, Insight, and Imagination lead Patrick Aievoli to the conclusion that this current generation (12-25) has been bred like “Veal” to consume and be consumed by Interactive media. His unnerving vision is infused with irony but also with the compassionate knowledge that he brings as a teacher, a designer and a parent. Citing the better part of articles that support his points, the book allows those of us who have not paid attention to catch up on the elements that have led to this sorry truth. Read and reflect.”

Dr. Joan Digby, Director,
Honors College
Long Island University, Post Campus


“This provides a unique and interesting overview of the current ‘digital marketplace.’ Really enjoyed and also learned a lot about Gen i – and further market manipulation, abusive technology, and societal impacts. Extremely perceptive and insightful!
Many future readers will benefit from this book as I did.“

SeungYeon Lee, Ed.D., ATR-BC, LCAT
Assistant Professor, Art Therapy and Counseling Program
Long Island University, Post Campus


“Veal” ignites a conversation that has been on the tips of most millennial’s tongues. Though other more sensationalized epidemics have dominated the mainstream news media market, this book calls into light one of the biggest threats to their culture this side of hearing “the Wifi’s down”. “Veal” is a well written, straight to the point manifesto. A true must read for digital natives and digital immigrants alike.”

David H. Dickinson
Interactive Media training specialist
University Library
State University of New York at Albany